About Me

Hi im Florian Egerer also known as CODE2

I am the founder of this website and a freelance graphic designer and digital artist. I’m 33 years old and have been working in the field for 16 years. I live in Austria, Vienna, where i was also born.

I am skilled in a lot of design software and techniques, and over the years, i have also worked in various other fields like 3D animation and audio production. I have coded games, designed skins for Windows and Linux, done icon design for companies and for the public, and way more...

I can proudly say i have gathered experience in the whole realm of digital and analog design. My professional career started with designing icons for Broadcom, years ago. Since then i have done various jobs for individuals aswell as big companies, including Broadcom, Strac, QuickConnect and more.. For me design is a passion, and an aim for perfection, in the end i want to provide my clients something really special and unique. 

CODE2 Design is my online portfolio and company and its second aim is to provide downloads, to all the freeware releases,
i have done so far.

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